History of Act for change

Act for Change (AfC) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) initiated and sustained by young people of the now deprived community of James Town (a community which boosted of a rich historical, cultural and economical glory in the past). It was registered in November 2011 (Reg. No. G-39,032) by a group of creative and hardworking youth who think globally and act locally through the creative art of theatre, dance, music, poetry and the visual arts. AfC is an established non-profit organisation based in James Town.


This organisation constituent of young volunteers who were trained as participants in Interactive Theatre by Theatre for a Change (TfaC) and subsequently became facilitators, monitoring officers and training officers with TfaC. Recognizing the rapid growth of TfaC throughout Ghana and the enormous responsibilities that came with it, the young volunteers came to a consensus with its parent organization (TfaC) and concluded on forming a community based organisation to address the attendant needs of the James Town community and its environs.


It is in this vein and spirit that AfC came into being with such an autonomy to research on the socio-economic challenges in James Town and use the creative arts to not only raise awareness and create knowledge but also to create forum for public ventilation of opinions as well as facilitate the process of action for change in the individual, group and the community as a whole.


Over the years, we have broaden up our scope of work and implemented life changing projects in the Eastern, Western, Central, Northern and the Greater Accra Region.

Making change happen

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