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"Act for Change has enlightened me about my community, the passion to volunteer and the need to help find solutions to the problems in the community (Ga Mashie). The organization has served as an eye opener for me due to the issues and challenges it works on.

The various workshops on capacity building has increased my confidence level in diverse ways. It has equipped me to be an asset for my community. Act for Change has also improved my skills in acting as a methodology used in solving the issues identified in the community. Join me in Act for Change if you want to know more." – Josephina Commey (Ghanaian, Volunteer)


"Ever since I joined Act for Change as a volunteer, it has given me self confidence to interact with different people with different cultural background and how to speak in public. The many other things I have learnt from this organization is immeasurable. I entreat each and everyone out there to volunteer with Act for Change to help the vulnerable." – Joseph Lamptey (Ghanaian, Volunteer)


"By having the privilege of working with Act for Change as a volunteer for 12 months, I did not only learn a lot about different ways and types of theatre, art and education that were new to me, but also about the universal potential of theatre that connects people. I've witnessed how much can be reached when a group of young people who are willing to make a change choose theatre as their medium for education, information and improving the lives of people in their own community.
More specifically, being part of Act for Change has also taught me how important it is to adjust the work that you do to the local context you are at: The work of Act for Change is inclusive and interactive which makes the benefits accessible to everybody in the community.
I have been so impressed and influenced by the work and methods of Act for Change that back in Germany I still try to use and adapt them whenever I work with young people and all kind of groups in general!" - Annika Weber (German, Volunteer)

You want to volunteer with us? We offer opportunities for local and international skill-based volunteers. Opportunities for volunteering are in these areas:


  • Resource mobilisation and partnership development
  • Theatre Training
  • Research, monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Urban/Rural Community Development
  • Photography and Communication

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