This project looks into creating a safe space for children from Ga-Mashie (Ussher Town and James Town) to learn, play games and share knowledge on Child’s Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Child Labour, Child Abuse and other relevant topics that affects children.
As part of collaborative efforts to end teenage pregnancy in the Ga-Mashie communities, we partnered with a German online fundraising platform – Night Bank to mobilize financial resources to fund ten Interactive Theatre performances in schools, churches and some selected community groups.
A trip back in time One of the key areas that we’re investigating with this project is institutional forgetting, or, the structured invisibilising of slavery in James Town. Throughout the project, we have heard testimonies of people who have experienced modern day slavery and we have also uncovered clear connections between James Town and historic slavery. Yet, we have also found these issues denied, and been told that the issue is nothing that they know of directly, it certainly happens, it...
Blog 4 About to begin So we are finally here, at HOTCASS, waiting for the first performance. Since undertaking a series of interviews in December, the team at Act for Change have been working to produce an original play that draws from the experiences and knowledge of the James Town community. Working with themes of modern slavery is particularly challenging, not least because the testimonies that form the basis of the play have been given by members of the community. The fact that modern...
Samuels thoughts about the African Union (AU) and it's relevance to the African Youth.
Hidden Histories: The untold stories of James Town and Slavery What’s in a name?
Hidden Histories: The untold stories of James Town and Slavery Some background
Hidden Histories: the untold stories of James Town and slavery.
The 2nd National Adolescent Reproductive Health summit and my thought on young people’s SRHR in Ghana!
My view on the weekly theatre workshop with kids from James Town.

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